Public Affairs

An issue can affect the behavior of customers, consumers, citizens, but also generate regulations which may entail more obligations and/or costs to the company and hinder the achievement of business objectives. Intervene, through lobbying, when those laws are already in the process of approval is complex, costly and of uncertain efficacy. It is much better and easier to intervene at an early stage, before the legislation took the form. Laws, regulations, standards take shape on the basis of their political value perceived by decision-makers and interests expressed. Identifying potential allies and mobilizing them to express towards policy makers their support to a favorable regulation orients the political decision-making process before you have to try to rectify its practical implications.

Luigi Norsa & Associati can assist companies to identify potential allies, to form a constituency on the issue and to motivate it to publicly express their support for a regulation which is favorable to the interests of the corporation through a structured process of analysis and planning of the necessary actions.