Training and education

Luigi Norsa & Associati carries out training programmes for the management to enable him to acquire a specific sensitivity to crisis management and the ability to handle emotional stress, learning the techniques necessary to exert control over critical situations and to communicate effectively with its stakeholders.

These training programs are tailored to the needs and specificities of the client company. The training sessions have a distinctly interactive approach, favoring practice to theory.

Educational services range from specific programmes on techniques of crisis management for the members of the Crisis Management Team, media training programmes on techniques of management of interviews, awareness raising and training programmes for the various levels of the organization that could be involved in the early detection of a possible crisis or that are in direct relationship with specific categories of stakeholders, such as the consumers.

the design and implementation of emergency and crisis simulations to train people and test response protocols are also part of this kind of training activity.

The training that Luigi Norsa & Associates is able to offer to client organizations may be summarized in Crisis Management Training, Crisis Mock-up and Simulations, Media Training and Spokesperson Training.