Crisis Management

Sudden events can threaten the company's performance or even put at risk its independence or survival.

An accident, a malicious act, a mechanical failure or human error, an external attack may create an emergency situation that can evolve dramatically.
The crisis can be defined as any event that requires immediate action to avoid a potential negative impact on the company and/or its partners. 

A crisis can irreparably compromise the company's reputation, alienate customers’ and consumers’ trust, generating a merciless media attention and the intervention of the authorities. The company must react quickly in a completely different situation from its normal operating conditions, in the absence of all the necessary information and under strict scrutiny from outside.
There is no doubt that for a company is much better to prevent than to manage a crisis, it is equally true that preventive measures can reduce the likelihood of a crisis, but it cannot wipe out its  possibility. A crisis can only be managed effectively if the company has been prepared in  time to face a situation of instability, equipping itself with the necessary systems and tools.

Crisis management was not part of the disciplines related to corporate management until the 70s, when two events, the case of the poisoning of Tylenol in the US, a leading drug of Johnson & Johnson, and the accident at the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant, have shown that the impact for the company was decisively influenced by how the company reacted to the emergency in the first hours. Everything that went wrong in the case of nuclear power plant, went instead the right way for Johnson & Johnson. Several examples have followed up to prove that for a company the question is no longer whether a crisis would hit: the real question is when, where, how and what kind will be the crisis that the company will face.

The company, in addressing the problem to prevent and prepare for possible crisis situations, requires a specialized professional support that can partner it with the help of proven methodologies, a specific sensitivity and an objective external vision.

Our structure, flexible and specialized can assist you in all the phases: from crisis prevention to crisis management planning and to train to effective communication in crisis situations.